Rent Out Whole Property
0% Management Fee Melbourne

Rent Out Whole Property From Landlord- 0% Management Fee

We rent out whole properties from landlords by offering more rent compared to the market. We offer longer-term rental agreements, so private landlords should be in peace of mind for stable rental income indefinitely and avoid the burden of property being vacant for several months or re-letting fees. We manage property for private landlords without charging any commission or fee. We take care of the property as a landlord or head tenant. We assist property landlords in any maintenance or repair work without any fee. We use property as a shared accommodation and sublet to students and professionals after vigorous financial and character background checks. We keep in touch with neighbors and the local community about any disturbances or issues and respond immediately. We are very professional in dealing with landlords who rent us whole properties and provide them with non-stop rental income always in advance. Discover a variety of private owner houses for rent, offering personalized living spaces for your unique lifestyle. We additionally facilitate property landlords in the establishment process, providing throughout assistance with new shared accommodations.