Assist Property Landlord to Set-up
New Shared Accommodation Melbourne

Assist Property Landlord to Set-up New Shared Accommodation

We have several years of experience in setting up new rooming houses or shared houses. To set up a new rooming house, it needs to be registered with the local council as a rooms near me, a small rooming house (class 1b), or a large rooming house (class 3). We assist property investor landlords to register their property as a prescribed shared accommodation or rooming house with the local council. We also assist landlords if they just like to establish property as a share house where rooming house rules or legislation don’t apply. We checked with the local council about their legislation regarding sharehouses (but not rooming houses). We assist in set-up property as a shared accommodation, furnishing the whole property, providing utility connections, organizing house rules documents and facilitating house management. We additionally manage and facilitate the Management of Established Rooming or Share House.